UE4 Lighting study - Desert ruins

- The black cat adventure -
Watching all the new releases from E3 made me really pumped up and finally could wrap up this lighting project of mine. I wanted to do more level design while primarily focusing on composition and lighting than simply relighting an existing environment. My initial inspiration was a concept for the Assassin's creed Origins made by Raphael Lacoste (top left in my inspiration board). It had this super mysterious and adventurous mood in it. I thought that could perfectly fit my ''black cat adventure'' series in it.

For this scene, the only thing I modeled and textured were the pillars. I made the 90% of the highpoly with traditional modeling inside Maya. Then I passed it through Zbrush for some minor tweaks here and there to finally make a lowpoly version and baked with toolbag.

///The rocks and their textures are from ShoreCaves: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/shorecaves-resubmission-for-release ///

The lighting is fully baked and optimized.