01190505 - UE4 lighting study

Work In Progress / 06 May 2019

Hey guys! I thought that I should share more often the little lighting studies I usually do.

While doing this kind of stuff, I always take notes and whatnot to learn and progress in the right way. Maybe I'll eventually gather all these notes and studies and make free tutorials on UE4 lighting! Been watching closely my coworkers and one thing I've learned for sure is to start early about doing tutorials and making a name for myself out there in the community. While making a quick tutorial could be easy and simple, I think I prefer waiting until I'm fully ready to share a good chunk of valuable knowledge. I want to be ready and confident enough to answers questions properly concerning the technical side of lighting. Stay tuned!

This is a quick study I did over this weekend! A bunch of cubes (not even bevelled) and other shapes with extremely simple materials applied to them. The purpose of this study was to play around with the lightmass setting and find out what is the sweet spot between time and quality spent in the bakeI cranked up the lightmass settings and decided to build the lighting while I go out running some errands. I told myself "it's kinda overkill so maybe it's gonna take like what, 2-3 hours? That's ok." I was wrong, it took me almost 6 hours to bake the lighting. While the result was pretty good, there was some really bad shadowing on some edges and corners. Overall, the GI was interesting, especially the lighting bounces coming from the skylight. This whole scene has 1 static directional light and 1 static skylight with a bunch of lightmass portals. Maybe it's worth mentioning that I didn't used any color grading or lut for this study.