20190610 - Personal UE4 lighting project

General / 11 June 2019

Finally had some downtime from work and decided to commit my time into a personal project! I took an old scene (below) that I lit last year and relit it. More images, breakdowns and references and all coming soon! I haven't touched the post process at all + still haven't spent enough time polishing everything yet (cat), so this is definitely still a WIP. Any feedback is appreciated!

My goal with this lighting study is to replicate the mood/lighting of the Order 1886 and Death Stranding.

It's worth noting that I'm a lighting artist and this is a lighting project. I did not model the rocks nor the foliage, bought them from the ue4 marketplace :) Mostly focusing on lighting and having fun with level art.

This is the lighting study I did last year, also during the E3 time haha

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